About the Band

Prifarski muzikanti - Slovenian ethno band»Prifarski muzikanti« ("Musicians of Fara") or »Prifarci« are a Slovenian band that started its musical journey 31 years ago in Fara. At the beginning they were performing Slovene folk music, but nowadays their repertoire includes many other forms – pop songs, evergreens, other national folk songs and songs by Dalmatian groups "klape".

They won the Slovenian Folk Music Festival in Maribor four times (2005, 2008, 2010, 2011), the Slovenska popevka festival (2009) and recorded the best Slovenian world music album in 2000.

Prifarski muzikanti are:
Mitja Ferenc – tamboura "berda" and guitar,
Valentin Južnič – tamboura "bisernica",
Martin Marinč – accordion,
Toni Obranovič - piano accordion,
Uroš Obranovič – tamboura "bugarija",
Jernej Pečak – violin and
Dejan Šuštar – tamboura "brač".


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